Making Stock. An Essential Kitchen Skill

It took me a long time to start to become a good cook, and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me nearly twice as long to recognize the value that making your own stock adds to your kitchen. Stock is cheap and easy to find in any grocery, so you’re probably asking me why […]

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Stealing from a great Chef!

Hank Shaw is one of my culinary inspirations. He writes straight forward, easy to follow recipes that are delicious, and push the bounds of what you might think is possible with wild game. Recently I followed his instructions for fixing goose pastrami. I’m not a huge pastrami lover, nor have I ever tried making my […]

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Nick’s Meat Sauce

Here is a straight forward, simple meat sauce you can do with any ground game and any type of noodle. Its basically an Italian bolognese without pancetta, and not nearly cooked as long. I’m doing this one with venison, but we’ve had it with ground rabbit, turkey and beef (I didn’t shoot the cow, that […]

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Duck – the easy way

Duck does not have to be complicated. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told how gamey duck is, or that it needs to be smoked, or that you have to marinate it for hours to cut the flavor. I’m here to present a recipe that would argue otherwise. Start with a duck. […]

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